21st Avenue Features a full service bicycle repair shop. With more than two decades of combined bicycle experience our knowledgeable staff has the capability to take care of any bicycle issues you may have.

Plan on spending a few minutes with us when dropping your bike off for service, as we like to give it a thorough check over and estimation while you’re in the shop so we can show you what we plan on doing and what parts we plan on using. We want you to know exactly what’s being done, and we feel that in person show-and-tell is better for you and for us.

Please take a look at the list below for common repair outlines and pricing. We can do just about anything short of welding and painting frames. If you have further questions or want to chat about about repairs not outlined below please give us a call at 503-222-2851.


A sampling of our services- your bicycle may well require less or more than the scope of services covered below; please bring your bike by or call for an estimate (estimates are always free!)

Checkover- $45.00, General safety check of bicycle, wipe down of bicycle, lubrication of chain, minor shift and brake adjustment, fastener check

Single Speed Tune- $50.00, True Wheels, adjust bearings, wipe down and lube drivetrain, adjust brakes, fastener check, light cleaning or wheels and frame

Tune Up- $80.00, Includes full adjustment of shifting and braking systems, adjustment of all bearings, wheel truing, bolt and fastener check, light cleaning of bike and lubrication of chain and other applicable components.

Complete Overhaul- $220.00, Includes all tune up labor points, in addition to completely stripping bike to frame, full overhaul of all bearing surfaces, ultrasonic drivetrain washing,  cable and housing replacement. Does not include disc brake or suspension overhaul.

Handbuilt Wheel- $50 per wheel  We specialize in durable custom wheels and stock a wide array of hubs, spokes and rims to meet your needs. Properly built wheels are a thing of beauty. We have a Phil Wood spoke cutter and are not afraid to use it. Labor includes disassembly (if applicable), rim/hub measurement, Spoke Prep and a post-build checkup/truing.

Wheel True- $15.00-$25.00 Adjustment of spokes to set wheel straight and round

Flat Tire repair, $7.00 Labor per wheel on standard systems (chaincases/electric drives/BMX pegs incur additional charge) $6.00-$9.00 per tube