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21st Avenue Bicycles specializes in road bike sales, service and repairs. Located in NW Portland, Oregon, the shop can help you find the perfect bike for your ride. Bike commuting, road biking, racing or the casual cruise. 

How Fat is Fat?


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How Fat is Fat?

park chambers

Hoo Boy. Custom bikes are rad and all but sometimes things are pretty dialed out of the gate. Take this Salsa Blackborrow 1 we got in for a customer a couple weeks back. 5" tires pack in a good deal more flotation than the comparatively anemic 4" tires on the Surly Pugsley and Salsa Mukluk. Salsa killed it on the parts as well, and the bike offers you options to run it as a singlespeed or internally geared rig, and the fork allows you to swap in a suspension fork without changing the geometry. Dune slaying? Snow Surfing? Riding over the gnarliest of beach cobbles and estuarine mud? This is your rig. We're probably not going to stock this one unless demand overwhelms us but it's pretty darn cool all the same.