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916 NW 21st Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209


21st Avenue Bicycles specializes in road bike sales, service and repairs. Located in NW Portland, Oregon, the shop can help you find the perfect bike for your ride. Bike commuting, road biking, racing or the casual cruise. 


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park chambers

What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?


The last thing you think about before going to sleep?


What bike do you ride (most often)?

My Piece-o-shit old steel Schwinn that I put pink fenders and pedals on. The brakes don’t work ever since I crashed… and of course I haven’t fixed them. But you always love your first.

What was your first bike as a kid?

My first bike as a kid was tiny red tricycle that I was only allowed to ride on my block -- until my mom took it away because she thought it was rusting and that I would get lockjaw.

What do you consider your greatest MTB or cycling achievement?

I helped design a jersey that was manufactured by Canari for my hometown.

What do you do to unwind (other than riding)?

I will try to stay P.G., so I’ll just say Netflix and snacks.

Memorable MTB or cycling moment in a movie?

An independent film about a bike rider who takes a year off to discover himself. His character dies at the end by crashing his bike. I met the actor and for some reason I have never forgotten it.

What is your greatest fear while riding?


The best line you’ve ever shouted to a shitty non bike-friendly driver?


Name your dream bike.

One that doesn’t hurt to ride. A girl can dream.

What cyclist, living or dead, do you most admire?

An obvious one. Call me a contrarian but I still have mad respect for Lance Armstrong. I grew up with posters of him around my house, so I guess it’s hard not to like him.

What is your favorite smell?

Clean laundry

Favorite snack on a long ride?

Flavor Blasted Goldfish®

Coffee or energy drink?


Gatorade or water?

Water=life. (Literally)

One food you could not do without – riding or otherwise?


Describe your biggest wipeout ever?

During the middle of a sunny, dry day while stone-cold sober, I rode directly into the streetcar tracks and wiped out on MLK.

When and where were you happiest?

After my longest bike ride of the summer, I pulled off the road, pulled out my cold drink and a sandwich and just chilled for the entire afternoon.

What website do you visit every day?

What is the next piece of bike technology that must be improved?

Women’s bike shorts

What is the best thing you’ve found on the ground while riding?

A nice-ass sweater

The most repulsive and unsavory thing you’ve ridden over/through?

A steaming pile of shit

The most public place you’ve puked during or after riding?

The side of the road on 35th and E. Burnside while a dog barked at me.

If a bike thief were on trial and YOU were the judge, what sentence would you throw down?

Make the bike thief have to pay for whatever the fuck bike I wanted! Oh no, my dream bike is 10k...TOO BAD for the bike thief! Should have thought of that before he tried to steal my old bike.

What is always in your pocket?

Pieces of trash that I never get around to throwing away

What would be your theme song when entering a crowded room?

“I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)” by The Proclaimers. The part where they go “DADADADADA”

Your most deplorable trait?

I get hangovers too easily.

Your most awesome trait?

I'm not a quitter.

Right or left food forward?


What motto would you paint on your down tube?

Please don’t steal this. It’s my life.