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We’re Hiring!


21st Avenue Bicycles is looking for a friendly and experienced mechanic. Our service department is our public face and we pride ourselves on excellence in mechanical and customer service alike. We specialize in on and off-road touring bikes as well

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Happy Springtimes! We Made a New Video!

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divide 2

                I’m not much of a cyclist. Don’t get me wrong, I love riding bikes! It’s clearly the best way to get around. I don’t think that is something that is debatable on this site.      I had a stint

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My new favorite 3 hour ride.


In the never-ending quest to keep the west hills interesting I’m always racking my brain for the best combination of roads to keep things fun and to get the most bang-for-buck out of a ride, especially when time is limited.

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100% Real


This custom Surly Pacer might be the cleanest build we’ve done. Just look at it. It’s so simple, but also very elegant.  The subtly sparkly red paint, all-back build kit and the classy Brooks saddle and bar tape are just

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Bikepacking 101 Seminar Thursday 2/27


Are you dreaming of wide-open spaces and riding from dawn to dusk on nearly untraveled roads? This Thursday, some of the most experienced dirt road bike tourists in Oregon will be sharing their knowledge at the Chris King Cafe, inside

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Never Not Always Working Hard


Winter time in the bike shop is invariably slower for us. Sure, we can still have days where service is backed up with overhauls, wheels builds and emergency fender installations, but for the most part things move at a more

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Gone Fat Biking


We will be closing at 3:00pm Saturday Feb 8 Go play in the snow!!

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Winter Blogroll- Inspiration


I always seem to spend more time during winter surfing around to various blogs and building stoke for winter rides. There are a few blogs that reliably bring me back for more every few weeks- check out these folks and

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New Pinball Game!


Check out the Galaxy! Our new pinball game on loan from our awesome shop friend Chris is an awesome trip through a wormhole straight to 1980. As always, you’re welcome to stop by for a free game when you’re in

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