Urban Velo

The November issue of Urban Velo features a couple mini-reviews of new-ish items we’ve been stoked on of late.

The Knog Blinder 4v takes their super-bright all-in-one USBĀ  rechargable rear light and puts the LEDs in a vertical, rather than square orientation for a more svelte look behind a seatpost.

The PDW Dios Thronus saddle is the first waterproof saddle to be molded entirely from EVA foam. It’s mid-sized and should work for a wide variety of riders/bikes.

While we’re on the topic of Urban Velo- we would mention that we stock Urban Velo. In case you’re not familiar it was started a few years back by some Dirt Rag alumni and has a nice take on everything related to city riding. It’s always free so swing by and grab a copy when you’re in the neighborhood.