‘Tis the Season! Winter Service Specials in Effect!

Don’t let your bike get dragged down by machine built wheels like this poor soul. In the picture on the left, you can notice the spoke coming out of the nipple at an angle. This is bad! It means the spoke has weakened which will keep the wheel from being straight and can cause the spoke to break. The picture on the right is the opposite perspective showing why the spoke is bent. When La Machina was building this wheel, an extra nipple got caught between the main nipple and the rim forcing the spoke to bend. No Good! Now; if a human being had built this wheel, it would be inexcusable.

Machine built wheels do not have the durability, longevity, or ride quality of a solid hand built wheel. A trained wheel builder can assist with decisions such as spoke count and spoke shape along with rim and hub type in order to help your bike ride like you have always dreamed.

Human touch can go a long way, like not getting your nipples tied up. Of course, unless that’s your bag.

So come in this winter for 50% off wheel builds among other services:

$120 Full Overhaul (Takin’ it all off, cleaning’ it, and puttin’ it all back together, parts not included)

$40  Tune-Up (We can adjust everything!)

$40  Custom Fender Install (Custom Road Fenders, Brass Tanakas, we can set you up!)