Shop Rides- They Still Happen in Winter

People always ask if we have shop rides. Short answer- yes.
The longer answer is that during the summer you bet we have a shop ride at least once a week on Friday mornings. However, when Winter sets in it’s tough to say for sure whether we’ll be riding on a given Friday or Sunday morning. Sometimes it’s hard to even muster up the courage to don the rain gear and ride to work.
Recently the weather has been holding and we’ve gotten out for some nice jaunts. Carl led a ride on Friday 11/30 and Tim and Nick went out on Sunday 12/2. We generally go out for a few hours in the West Hills or maybe down south along the River if we’re not feeling up to climbing. You are always welcome to ride with us. We’re not that fast, and in the event that you’re even slower than us we’ll wait for you. You might find a new route or a new riding amigo too. You might even have fun.
Give us a call at 503-222-2851 if you want to know when we’re riding next.

Tim and Brandon out ahead on Kaiser road near North Plains. Super nice weather for December.