Moving Day!

KurtSellsTires2012 has been a year of change at 21st Avenue Bicycles. First all the old crew left to sell headsets, messenger bags or weld stuff, and then we (the new we, that is)  started moving all of our fixtures around the sales floor and service dept.

So we’re capping off the year by  moving stuff around yet again! Kurt, Nick and Aaron spent most of Sunday and Monday moving our lovely custom tire display racks to a new home in the back of the shop…and then moving helmets, bars, tape etc.

This  made a little more room on our big wall ‘o stuff, which I think we used to good effect.



Old Back Alcove

Here are some before and after pictures.

The back “niche” before…



Tires New Home

…and after.







Old Helmet Home

Helmet Land Moved from here…



Helmet Wall…to there.








Old Back Wall

Used to be backpacks etc here…

Back Wall

Now it’s fresh bar tape heaven.

We hope you like what we’ve done with the place.