Mayan Apocalypse Group Ride 12/21/2012

Turns out the world didn’t end; it was just a bunch of rain. So we went for a ride. Heading across the Broadway bridge, we turned north to Washington. We almost lost Carl and LA Aaron on the twisty approach to the I5 Bridge, but we couldn’t shake them.FGR1









Carl’s Giordana jacket deserves a post unto itself, but until then you can behold this masterpiece of wool and early-90′s nylon right here.





LA Aaron’s “epic” face.






BDay was relegated to the back of the group for not having a functional fender. That didn’t keep him from smiling.



We stopped for a minute by Vanvouver Lake to check out some Sandhill Cranes in a field. Trust me, they’re there.







FGR6Then we were stopped by a train on the way back into Vancouver. Ten minutes is a long time when you’re cold, wet and ready to go home to a big plate of biscuits and gravy like LA Aaron was.

Good ride- let’s do it again sometime soon.