2013 VeloDirt Calendar

Ok folks, this is it – we’ve finalized the calendar for 2013.  I liked the calendar last year so we’re sticking with the same general schedule:

Dalles Mountain 60 – March 9, 2013

The Rapture – May 4, 2013

The Oregon Stampede – June 1, 2013

I’ll get more details up sometime after the new year.  We may add another ride sometime later in the year – stay tuned.  Again, huge thanks to Wabi Woolens for providing the necessary support to put on the Rapture again this year.

Also, word on the street is there may be a new non-VeloDirt (but VeloDirt approved…) ride the first weekend in April.  Once we know more, we’ll pimp it on the site.  From what I’ve heard, expect 70-80 miles, somewhere down in the McMinnville area.  Stay tuned!